Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitalists represent a relatively new specialty that is rapidly gaining interest among hospitals, with many having adopted some form of the model. Such programs deliver a unique combination of efficiency, safety and quality, and patient and provider satisfaction.

Sometimes referred to as “laborists,” ob/gyn hospitalists provide 24/7 on-site physician services. They are equipped to immediately handle any obstetric or gynecological emergency that presents to the hospital without waiting for an on-call specialist to arrive. In addition, they are available to provide labor/inpatient management to unassigned obstetric patients or those whose regular ob/gyn is unavailable.

Hospitals may realize many benefits from an obstetric hospitalist program, including:

  • Efficiency: Timely triage of labor patients, managing patients presenting in labor during nights and weekends, and assistance with Cesarean sections
  • Safety: Immediate response to emergencies in the labor unit, vaginal birth after Cesarean section, obstetric consultation services for Family Practice residents and physicians, and limiting unattended deliveries
  • Quality: Managing all applicable NQF metrics for the obstetrical unit, participating in hospital sponsored quality and safety initiatives, development of protocols and order sets for management of common obstetric issues, and development of team drills for high-risk, high-intensity events
  • Patient Satisfaction: Personalized introductions and physician interaction with every to L&D and OB ED patient, courtesy “social” rounds on admitted patients, flexible arrangements with community ob/gyn physicians, and regular meetings with hospital administration to review and address any issues determined in HCAPS surveys
  • Physician Satisfaction: Flexible arrangements with physicians regarding all aspects of managing patients presenting to the obstetrical unit, next-day reporting to primary physician’s office for any OB ED visits, follow-up assignment to primary physician for OB or Gyn issues, and obstetrical service agreements with ambulatory practices for delivery, admission and inpatient or observational care

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