Hospital Medicine

Many hospitals recognize that coupling their Emergency Department services with other specialties, such as hospital medicine and critical care medicine, can reap benefits and lead to greater efficiencies in a number of areas. Emergency Service Partners, L.P. is equipped to provide hospitalist services to offer an integrated model of care that benefits both the hospital and, most importantly, its patients.

Aligning hospitalist functions with ED and ICU services can provide benefits in all three service areas:

  • ED patients can often be seen earlier and have admission orders written more quickly.
  • A smooth interface between hospitalists and intensivists can provide better patient management and outcomes.
  • Enhanced throughput via dedicated, 24/7 in-house hospital medicine coverage.
  • Improvements in key metrics such as CMI and ALOS, enable better care coordination among all care and operational stakeholders, improve efficiencies and reduces costs, and improve overall quality of patient care.

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To learn more about how ESP can help your hospitalist program, please contact Jim Zaza, Vice President of Business Development, by phone at 888-800-8237, ext. 306 or by e-mail at