Emergency Service Partners was founded to provide excellent patient care to emergency departments across Texas. Since 1988, we have provided comprehensive management, process improvements, physicians and APPs, and superior customer service to our partner hospitals. Our services have expanded beyond emergency medicine to include hospitalists, pulmonary/critical care, obstetric hospitalists (laborists), clinical research, and more. We are eager to discuss your current challenges and provide a comprehensive medical program that meets your facility’s specific and unique needs.

ESP offers complete specialty management and service solutions to our partner hospitals and comprehensive, high-quality support for all of our physicians and APPs. Our contributions to our hospitals include:

  • Strong medical director leadership coupled with a competent emergency physician group
  • A focus on first-rate customer service and critical metrics
  • Comprehensive risk management, patient safety, and best-practice compliance.

ESP is a partnership not just in name, but also in structure. As such, we attract and retain long-term, career-minded physicians to our group and hospitals. As partners in ESP, our physicians are not only invested in the welfare of the company, but also in the success of each hospital and department that we serve.

Emergency Medicine

Hospital Medicine

Pulmonary and Critical Care (Hospital-Based)

Obstetric Hospital Medicine

Freestanding ERs

Clinical Research

Residency and Fellowship Programs

To learn more about partnering with ESP at your hospital, please contact Jim Zaza, Vice President of Business Development, at 888-800-8237, ext. 306 or e-mail jimz@eddocs.com.