Roberts, Bedolla Assume National Risk Roles

June 29, 2017

Sam RobertsDr. Sam Roberts, Chief Medical Officer of USACS Southwest and a co-founder of Emergency Service Partners, has assumed a new part-time role as Clinical Director of Claims for US Acute Care Solutions.

Roberts will perform clinical claims reviews, oversee strategy in managing claims and suits, and conduct conference calls and educational sessions with claims staff in Canton. He will also help prepare physicians and APPs who may be involved in a claim.

“The USACS legal and claims section interviewed many very qualified candidates with backgrounds in peer review, risk management, and claims review and management from various regions,” Roberts said.

Roberts’ background and qualifications include peer review for the Texas Medical Board and Texas Medical Foundation, expert witness experience, risk management interests, experience participating in the claims committee, and serving as a board member and president of the Emergency Medicine Risk Retention Group (ESP’s former malpractice insurance provider).

“I am very honored to have been chosen, and so far, I have found the work to be both challenging and rewarding,” Roberts said. “We have a talented staff in Canton that I am privileged to work with, especially Dianne Onesti.”

John Bedolla, MDRoberts will also work alongside Dr. John Bedolla, a longtime ESP-USACS Southwest emergency physician based in Austin, who has been named the USACS National Director of Risk. In recent years, Bedolla served as medical director of risk management for Emergency Service Partners and helped launch ESP’s own innovative SafetyCore risk management program. He is also serves as Assistant Director of Research Education and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas. In addition, he has been heavily involved in the Seton Event Medicine Institute.

“John is extraordinarily accomplished in the field of Risk Management and brings innovative skills and an impressive grasp of evidence-based medicine to help educate clinicians in risk reduction,” said Dr. Amer Aldeen, Chief Medical Officer of USACS.

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About Emergency Service Partners

Founded in 1988, Emergency Service Partners is a physician-owned practice management group specializing in hospital emergency departments (EDs), serving more than 35 EDs across Texas. In addition, ESP provides pulmonary, intensive care, sleep medicine, hospitalist, and ob/gyn hospitalist services in Central Texas. ESP owns and operates Five Star ER, a group of freestanding emergency centers in the Austin area. In January 2017, ESP became a founding partner of US Acute Care Solutions, the national leader in physician-owned emergency medicine, hospitalist and observation services, and now operates as USACS Southwest.