Dawson Promotes Ob/Gyn Hospitalist Coverage to Enhance Patient Safety

September 5, 2016

Dr. Dan Dawson on KBTX TVAfter the Texas Tribune highlighted a study showing an dramatic increase in the number of women in Texas dying following pregnancy, KBTX-TV in Bryan sought answers. The station spoke with Emergency Service Partners physician Dr. Dan Dawson, medical director for the ob/gyn hospitalist program at CHI St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital in Bryan.

Dawson mentioned that conditions such as obesity can increase the risk of hemorrhage and hypertension in mothers. Access to health care is also a factor, as many counties in Texas have no access to an ob/gyn physician.

“One of the really important steps that we’ve taken here at CHI St. Joseph to increase safety is the reason why I’m here at the hospital today,” Dawson said. “We have an OB hospitalist program, which makes sure there’s an ob/gyn on the unit 24/7, 365, to take care of hemorrhage and hypertension. Just like a trauma center has a trauma doctor present to take care of someone who comes in by ambulance from a car wreck or a home accident, we have the same thing for women in the period around their pregnancy.”

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